Retro Games- Shining In The Darkness: (1990)

The RPG titles for the Sega Genesis were always special especially those that were featured in the Shining series.  One of the many games in the Shining series for the Sega Genesis that some people found interesting was Shining In The Darkness which released in the early 90’s.  The plot for Shining in the Darkness is very basic and has the main character rescuing a king’s daughter along with his father while going on a journey to discover the Arms of Light.  The plot for Shining In The Darkness takes place in a place known as the Kingdom of Thornwood and has people playing throughout the game in various 3D Dungeon Mazes to thwart the plans of the main antagonist known as Dark Sol.  While Shining In The Darkness is an adventurous turn based RPG title for the Sega Genesis its also known to be one of the first games in the Shining series.  The visual design, sound and gameplay for Shining In The Darkness were all qualities that made the game itself appealing.

The graphics for the Shining In the Darkness was probably one of the best in terms of RPG games back in the early 90’s especially in comparison to games such as Final Fantasy III & VI for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  While the Sega Genesis was not well known for being a console that specialized in role playing games Shining In The Darkness was a game that paved the way for other titles within its genre during the early 90’s .  Even though, Shining In The Darkness was known mainly as a dungeon crawler game for the Sega Genesis it was still considered to be an excellent prequel to the Shining Force I & II.  When it came down to popular RPG titles of the 16 bit era Camelot Software Planning  was responsible for developing one of the coolest game series for the Sega Genesis along with the likes of Phantasy Star.


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