Capcom Games- Mega Man The Wily Wars: (1994)

Mega Man has always been one of Capcom coolest run & gun platform games since the 80’s when the series first began on the NES. If one was a fan of the Mega Man series when it first came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System during the 80’s then there is a decent chance that they played the first three Mega Man games for that console. Even though, many people believe that the first three Mega Man games are tough they would have to admit that they were all pretty exciting to play for the NES back in the day. One things that many probably did not expect from Capcom during the early to mid 90’s was a remake of the first three NES games for the Sega Genesis. When Mega Man: The Wily Wars was first released in late 1994 many kids in America were unaware of this game since a hardware version of it was released exclusively in Japan. Unless one had the game imported from Japan the only way that Americans could play Mega Man: The Wily Wars was if they an online video game service known as the Sega Channel.

However, many people especially kids were not familiar at all about the Sega Channel or Mega Man: The Wily Wars during the mid 90’s. If Mega Man: The Wily Wars included hardware releases in countries like North America some would argue that the game itself probably would have sold more. But since Sega Saturn was released in Japan in late 1994 and everywhere else around the world months later Capcom had probably realized that there was no point on releasing hardware copies of this game in America. Many hardcore fans of the Mega Man series may feel that was a shame that Mega Man: The Wily Wars did not get as much recognition that it deserved during the mid 90’s. The concept of having a Sega Genesis version of Mega Man I-III was interesting especially since the three games were similar to the NES versions but with somewhat of a plot twist. The time travel aspect of Mega Man: The Wily Wars seemed very intriguing and made for a decent storyline in regards to preventing Dr. Wily from changing the events from the past involving the first three NES games. It might be somewhat shocking that Capcom has never re-released this classic on any other game console since the 90’s but if they did it would definitely be something that many people would check out since its considered to be a rare 16 bit gem.


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