Dreamcast Games- Sonic Shuffle: (2000)

When it comes down to Sonic games one of most unusual but fun titles in the series included Sonic Shuffle. As many people know Sonic Shuffle was released for the Sega Dreamcast in the year 2000 and while some might argue about the game itself being a rip off of the Mario Party series others thought it was pretty cool. In Sonic Shuffle up to four players can be included along with having up to eight playable characters in the game. The concept of Sonic Shuffle is very interesting because there is a heavy emphasis on the utilization of a deck of cards from the numbers one to six in order to complete various actions such as battling and traveling around each board. Even though, there are only five boards in the whole game trying to collect a precioustone in each stage is longer and tougher than many people would expect. Despite how challenging Sonic Shuffle can be at times the mini games are very especially when the game itself is played with a few friends.

Also, the plot for Sonic Shuffle was intriguing because since it featured a new antagonist besides Dr. Eggman named Void who was responsible for shattering the Perfect Precioustone leading to the universe being in chaotic state. During the first time playing through the game players general control the original four characters Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose. As cool as Sonic Shuffle was for the Dreamcast some people were probably surprised by the fact that the game did not have a sequel or develop into a series. Even though, critics may have various opinions about Sonic Shuffle the game itself was fun overall and definitely had a decent replay value to it. Sometimes breaking out of the platform genre is something that Sega needs to do to keep the Sonic series more interesting. While some might argue that Sonic Shuffle was not among the best Sonic games that Sega has made others can say it was the most fun non-platform titles they have played in the series overall.


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