Exclusive Japanese Games That Deserved American Releases (Part 2)

There are many games that were released exclusively in Japan that many people would have loved to see in America back in the 80’s & 90’s for various game consoles. Even though, it might have been debatable how well certain games would have performed in terms of sales in America some would argue that specific titles that were only exclusive to Japan could have performed fairly well in America.


1) Monster World IV: (1994)

When it comes down to platforming titles for the Sega Genesis one of the many titles that comes to mind is the Wonder Boy series. The Wonder Boy series started during the late 80’s on the Sega Mega Drive. Following the release of Wonder Boy in Monster World Weststone Bit Entertainment had developed a sequel for the game entitled Monster World IV which was never released in America. In terms of visual display Monster World IV looks very impressive and arguably more so than its predecessor. Not only was Monster World IV have cool graphics but it also featured a new protagonist named Asha who is joined by a pet named Pepelogoo during her journey. While some people may have different opinions about the overall story of the game Monster World IV was definitely an interesting title that some people would have liked to see in America.


2) Terranigma: (1995)

When it came down to 2D RPG titles the early 90’s was probably the best time period to be a gamer. Terranigma was an action RPG title which was developed by Quintet and released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995. This game had everything that one could ask for an RPG game including a real time battle system, cool graphics, nice gameplay and great storytelling which is broken down into chapters. Since the Soul Blazer series was popular during the 16 bit era of gaming some people may question to this day why this game was released only in Japan. Considering how successful some of Quintet’s previous games were including Soul Blazer, Actraiser 2 and the Illusion of Gaia many people would like to believe that Terranigma could have also performed well in terms of sales outside of Japan.


3) Bahamut Lagoon: (1996)

When it comes down to RPG titles for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System Bahamut Lagoon was one of those games that never got an American release. Some might argue that it was somewhat understandable why Bahamut Lagoon was never released in America. During the mid 90’s game consoles such as the original Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 were popular during that time period. The mid to late 90’s started to place more emphasis on 3D gaming and while Nintendo continued producing SNES games they had released the N64 in 1996. Bahamut Lagoon was a tactical RPG title that was developed by Square which not only had great visuals and gameplay but also featured an interesting storyline. In this game the Kingdom of Kahna is attacked by the Granbelos Empire under Emperor Sauzer’s rule after the dragon guardina Bahamut plunges into a deep slumber. Not only can players control a variety of characters such as Byuu, Sendak and Yoyo but they can also be aided by their party’s dragon during battle that can attack on its own. While Bahamut Lagoon was a very exciting 2D RPG title for the SNES some might argue that the game could have been more popular if it was released a few years earlier before the gaming industry started to move into the 64 bit era.


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