Games from the 00’s – Metroid Fusion: (2002)

The Metroid series is considered to be one of the coolest that Nintendo has ever made since its inception back in 1986. Since the late 80’s many people have enjoyed the Metroid series and as time progressed it has improved with age. One of the most exciting time periods to be a fan of the Metroid series was during the early 00’s since Nintendo had developed two of the best games within the series in 2002. The same year Metroid Fusion made its debut for the Nintendo GameCube was also when Metroid Fusion was released for the Game Boy Advance. As cool as Metroid Fusion was for the 32 bit Game Boy Advance console some might argue that Metroid Prime may have overshadowed this game when they were both released on the same day. Even though, many would agree that Metroid Prime was awesome in its own way they would also tell you that Metroid Fusion was probably one of the best 2D installments in the entire series next to Super Metroid which was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in the early 90’s.

Those who were die hard fans of the Metroid series during the late 80’s and early 90’s loved Super Metroid when it was released in 1994. But despite how enjoyable Metroid Fusion was long time fans of the series sometimes criticize the game for feeling different from Super Metroid even though the visual design looked similar. Metroid Fusion was an interesting games that had some pretty cool qualities such as a nice story, cool cutscenes along with navigation rooms which made completing missions and progressing throughout the game more convenient. The story regarding Samus being infected by X Parasites on planet SR 388 was interesting and was something that could easily grab the attention of those who appreciated the storytelling aspect of the game. When it comes down to Game Boy Advance titles of the early 00’s many would agree that Metroid Fusion was definitely one of the best 32 bit titles of its era.


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