Gaming from the 00’s – Metroid Prime: (2002)

When it comes down to GameCube titles from the early 00’s one of the best games that many people generally talk about regarding that console included Metroid Prime. When Metroid Prime was first released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2002 many people were very impressed by many aspects of this game including the gameplay, graphics along with the general feeling it provided in relation to older installments in the series such as Super Metroid for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Metroid Prime was a game that was highly anticipated prior to its release considering the fact that we did not get a game for the Nintendo 64. Unlike, Metroid Fusion which was a 32 bit 2D title that was also released in early 00’s Metroid Prime does a great job in capturing the feeling of isolation in an open world environment which adds to the quality of the game as players control the main character Samus Aran.

After watching the epic intro for Metroid Prime along with starting a journey on Frigate Orpheon people had the chance to realize that this game was worth the wait despite the fact that Nintendo never released a title for the Nintendo 64. When people look at the artwork and design of the game itself it truly feels like the developers put a tremendous amount of effort into making the game appear far more realistic than it has ever been. If Metroid Prime had been released for the Nintendo 64 the game could have been very popular. But since artwork and quality were among significant aspects that defined Metroid Prime it would be hard to tell if the game would have been as popular as it was for the Nintendo GameCube. Anyone who owned Metroid Prime during the early 00’s could easily argue that it was probably one of the best first person action-adventure games they have ever played and one of the best games that Nintendo and Retro Studios had ever produced for any console in general.


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