Retro Gaming- Xenoblade Chronicles: (2010)

When many people look at the Xenoblade Chronicles they see various aspects of the game that were very positive including the gameplay and storytelling.  While Xenoblade Chronicles was a great game for the Nintendo Wii when it was in released back n 2010 some people cannot help but think about how far the Xeno series had came since its inception when the first Xenoblade title was released for original Sony PlayStation back in 1998.  When the first Xeno game was released in the late 90’s it was believed by many people to be one of the best RPG titles for the Sony PlayStation next to the likes of Final Fantasy VII & VIII.  As cool as Xenoblade Chronicles was following its release for the Wii and the New Nintendo 3DS it is known as a great game that contributes to making the JRPG genre popular in the gaming world.   Even though, JRPG titles are not considered to be as mainstream as other genres when Xenoblade Chronicles was released in the early 10’s many people were interested by the fact that Monolith Soft was going to release such a game for the Nintendo Wii.  Generally, we see JRPG titles released on game consoles such as the PS2, PS3 or even PC.

When it came down  the graphics and visual display of Xenoblade Chronicles many people had different opinions about the quality which was not such a big deal since it did not subtract from the overall gaming experience  itself.  While players navigate throughout the game with characters such as Shulk, Dunbar, Fiona and Melia they are graced with a great battle system along with excellent soundtracks throughout the game. Not only does Xenoblade Chronicles feature unexpected plot twists while players control Shulk but it also includes many interesting side quests that would allow people to gain countless hours of gameplay filled with exciting cinematic cutscenes.  One of the cool things about Xenoblade Chronicles was fact that it looked and felt like an Xbox 360 game even though it was for the Nintendo Wii.  Some people would argue that if Xenoblade Chronicles was available on multiple game consoles such as the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 that it could have sold more than it did.  However, when Xenoblade Chronicles was released in North America in 2010 it was also around the same time period Final Fantasy XIII had become popular.   Despite, Final Fantasy XIII becoming popular during the same time period Xenoblade Chronicles was released the game was still seen by many gaming fans as one of the best JRPG titles for the Nintendo Wii.


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