Retro Gaming- Forza Horizon: (2012)

If you were a fan of Forza Motorsport 4 then you were most like a fan of Forza Horizon which was developed by Playground Games released for the Xbox 360 in 2012. Forza Horizon was probably one of the coolest racing games to have been released for the Xbox 360 in 2012. Not only did Forza Horizon have amazing graphics but it was also a game that ran at 30 frps which greatly contributed to the overall quality of the game itself. Along with having incredible graphics Forza Horizon provided people with so many activities to partake in outside of the Forza Festival. Along with having hundreds of cars to choose from players had the opportunity to earn street credibility, upgrade their cars while unlocking new races and events. Aside from the Forza festival races many people enjoyed the unsanctioned races and the outpost PR stunts which would help players become better at the game itself.

When it came down to actual gameplay many people would agree that Forza Horizon similar to Forza Motorsport 4 and was just as fun to play as well. Despite, not selling as much as Forza Motorsport 4 which was released a year earlier than Forza Horizon the game still managed to sell close to two million units worldwide. As of right now the original Forza Horizon game has sold more than units worldwide than its successor Forza Horizon 2 but less than three which was released for the Xbox One back in September 2016. The fact that Forza Horizon sold as much as it did following it release in late 2012 was impressive especially since it had to compete with rival games such as Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Dirt Showdown and Ridge Racer Unbounded. Out of the three Forza Horizon games some people would probably argue that the third one was the best. However, the very first Forza Horizon game had provided an unforgettable racing experience for those who were fans of the series.


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