Classic Gaming- Mortal Kombat III: (1995)

When it comes down to the first three 16-bit Mortal Kombat games within the series many people would argue that the third installment was probably the best in terms of gameplay.  Mortal Kombat III was developed by Midway Games and released during the mid 90’s following the popularity and success of Mortal Kombat II in 1993.  Not only did Mortal Kombat III have improved gaming mechanics from it predecessor but it also had exciting new stages and characters which made the game itself more enjoyable.  Mortal Kombat III had included new characters such as: Striker, Cyrax, Sector, Kabal, Sheeva and  boss character named Motaro.  Along with the addition of new character Mortal Kombat III also so the return of some of the others from previous games such as Liu Kang, Shang Tsung, Kung Lao, Sonya and boss character Shao Khan.  Not only is the story for this game slightly darker than Mortal Kombat II but it also seems more violent as well.  In Mortal Kombat III the Earthrealm was in more danger than before considering the fact that Shao Khan was trying to merge it with the Outworld following the resurrection of Sindel.

Along with the addition of new characters and a more interesting storyline Mortal Kombat III had also introduced some fascinating concepts to the series such as animalities and brutalities following the end of each battle.  Along with those two new features players can still perform fatalities, babalities along friendships similar to that of Mortal Kombat II which it was pretty cool since it gave them more options on how to destroy their opponents.  The combo system in Mortal Kombat III was one of the many aspects in the game  that really stood out since it was fast paced and required a decent amount of skills to pull some of them off.  The pit fatalities in MK III such as the Tower and the Subway stage were also creative along with being exciting places to battle at.   Without a doubt Mortal Kombat III was and still is an arcade classic that some people would argue was one of the best 16-bit fighting games of the 90’s.


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