Nintendo Switch sells over 1 million game consoles

I was just announced not to long ago that the Nintendo Switch game console has sold over 1.5 million consoles worldwide in less than a month.   The fact that the Nintendo Switch has produced a record amount of sales within such a short period time is an incredible feat for the company Nintendo.  Along with the Switch console itself the game that everyone wanted to buy was the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which has also did great in sales during a short period of time.  It was without a doubt that the Switch console was more appealing to customers than Nintendo’s previous game system the Wii-U which was released back in 2012.

The cool thing about the Nintendo Switch is that console includes 32 GB and is priced for the same amount as the Wii-U Basic which only included 8 GB when it was first released for the price of $300.  In terms of pricing Nintendo has decided by much wiser while reinventing themselves by giving people a new product that is both innovative and ground breaking.  The current expectations that people have right now is that at least 6 to 8 million Switch consoles will be sold in the year 2017.  As of right now the console is off to a very good start in terms of sales for the Nintendo Switch and we can only expect that things will get better as more games are released for that console over time.


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