Retro Games- Bloody Roar: (1997)

When it comes down to memorable 3D fighting games of the 90’s one of the many titles that instantly comes to mind to some people is Bloody Roar which was developed by Eighting  & Hudson Soft and published by Sony Computer Entertainment back in 1997.  When the original Bloody Roar game was released in the late 90’s many people were impressed by various aspects of the game including the graphics and fast paced gameplay it had to offer.  One of the most unique things about Bloody Roar was the fact that characters had the ability to transform into zoanthropes during the middle of battles after filling up their Beast gauge and entering that mode.  The gameplay in Bloody Roar also impressive because looked and felt smoother and faster than other 3D fighting titles that were popular at the time such as the first two Tekken games and along with the Virtua Fighter series.

In fact some people would probably agree that the Virtua Fighter series looked generic in comparison to the Bloody Roar in general.  Those who have played the arcade version of Bloody Roar would probably argue that the game was just as good for the PS1 following its release.  As cool as Bloody Roar was in the late 90’s the game did not sell as much as other popular 3D fighting titles such as the Tekken series worldwide.  But just the sales for Bloody Roar paled in comparison to other 3D fighting titles does not mean that the quality of the game itself was not as good.  The original Bloody Roar game along with the second installment in the series probably deserved way more credit than it got back in the day.  Shockingly, since its release back in the late 90’s there was never a remake to the original Bloody Roar game which some would say is a shame considering the fact that it was one of the most exciting 3D fighting tiles for the PS1.


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