Will Nintendo eventually release a Switch console with more Gigabytes?

There is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch was very impressive in terms of sales during its first week.  Not only did the Nintendo Switch sell over 300,000 units within it first week in Japan but one of the most popular games for that console The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was considered to be a success in terms of sales during its first week by reaching over 186,000 units.  Even though, Breath of the Wild looks incredible on the Nintendo Switch the game reportedly takes up 13.4 GB of storage space on a console that only has 32 GB.  However, the amount of storage contained on the Nintendo Switch can be increased with the use of the micro SDXC & SDHC cards which can reportedly add over 500 GB to the console in terms of storage.  The only problem that some people may have with buying micro cards for the Nintendo Switch is that it increases how much customers will have to pay aside from the console itself.

While purchasing micro cards for the Nintendo Switch is optional it would eventually become a necessity if many people decide to buy more games along with saving all the data to the system’s hard drive.   As of right now the Nintendo Switch is a brand new game console and only has a few games that are currently available making the storage issue a minor problem for the moment.  Not too long ago Nintendo’s top competitors in the video game industry Sony and Microsoft had added massive amounts of storage space to their respective consoles as an upgrade to the original game systems.  Many people can buy an Xbox One that includes 1TB or a PlayStation 4 Pro that includes 1TB of hard drive storage within the game system itself.  But if we look back at the Wii-U Deluxe it had included up to 32 GB of storage which is the same amount that the Nintendo Switch is currently starting off at.  With micro cards to expand the amount of storage on the Switch many would probably argue that another model with more gigabytes would be unnecessary.  If Nintendo does decide to release updated models of the Switch console with more internal storage space it would probably be a while before it actually happens.


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