Retro Gaming- Killer Instinct: (1994)

During a time period where 2d gaming was almost in its prime the 90’s saw the development of many spectacular games for various game consoles such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  When Killer Instinct was first released in arcade centers worldwide many people were amazed by the gameplay because it was unlike anything they have seen in several other fighting titles such as Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, etc.  Unlike several other fighting games players had a double health bar which was a feature that was not utilized in too many other fighting games along with several other things that made the game stand out such as the ability to utilize combo breakers and ultra combos during battles.  The ultra combos in this game are among one of the coolest features for Killer Instinct because they can appear to be endless at times allowing sometimes over 50 hits in a sequence.  The graphics in the SNES port of Killer Instinct was amazing because it resembled that of the Donkey Kong Country series and looked very realistic.  In fact, many people are probably surprised that Killer Instinct was released for the SNES since it looked like it was more suited to be a PlayStation game in the eyes of some people.  Killer Instinct had included over ten playable characters such as: Black Orchard, Jago, Chief Thunder, Fulgore, Cinder Sabrewulf and others.  While the characters in the game was to play as they were also difficult to battle in arcade mode. Some would probably say that Eyedol was one of the toughest characters in Killer Instinct to defeat however those who were used to the game hardly had any problems at all.

Killer Instinct had to be one of the best 2D fighting Super Nintendo games ever not only because of its visual presentation but also because it felt like it was ahead of its time.  The graphics in Killer Instinct was so great that it looked like a PlayStation game without very long loading screens.  One of the few things that also stood out about Killer Instinct included its soundtrack.  The music in this game was pretty cool especially for the Super Nintendo.  There was a lot of  creativity involved in developing the soundtrack for this game since it produced some music that was simply amazing.  In terms of music some of the best soundtracks in this game includes Jago’s theme along with Black Orchid’s 16-bit eurodance theme which are both criminally underrated as far songs on the SNES are concerned.  Without a doubt Killer Instinct was one of the best 2D fighting games to have been released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System along with arcade systems during the 90’s.  However, despite good Killer Instinct was it never quite reached the same level of popularity as many other 2D fighting games which many people felt was a shame because it had the potential to be much bigger and more popular than it was as time progressed.


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